Translucent red

Translucent red

I made a few of these to see if the red would effect behavior at all.

I currently have 2 juvy N chromatus, one housed in the red, one in an identical clear.

Will update on this after I have a few weeks of timelapse recorded.

Thanks @moakmeister for inspiration.
@ledzeppelin Ah... you are confusing the "Polizia Municipale" with "Carabinieri", one of Europe's ancient military unit. Their task basically is to 'police' both military and civilians, while fighting in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon etc :pompous:
@ledzeppelin I don't know what to say and what is more weird... if Carabinieri with a Porsche o_O (never saw something like that, Police with a Lamborghini, yes) or a Slovenia citizen that, in Italy, had troubles for his passport that is not even required, since a normal I.D card is enough :bookworm:

I'm speechless, my friend :)
@Chris LXXIX yeah i ment ID not passport. Anyway I went to see Iron Maiden in Udine and almost didnt make it there.. I dont know if it was a porsche but it was not skoda octavia like in slovenia :p
@ledzeppelin Ah, ok. Was unbelievable a passport issue.
Now makes more sense still IMO an absurdity... every kind of thug here is free to come and go and a Slovenia citizen reaching a nearby Italian town for a music concert had issues for so little. Mah, Italian logic :)

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