Top View G. porteri
I love the colors she has, soft and muted but still lovely.
Pretty positive she's a Chilean Rose Haired Tarantula, that or the pet store I brought her to (to see what they thought would be good feeding), the person who gave her to me (who bought her online labeled as a rose hair) and the friend that I have who collects all sorts of spiders were all wrong/lied.
@DarthJaders The Chilean Rose hair Tarantulas aka. the Grammostola rosea is kind of in the mess with the genus/species. the porteri and rosea are somewhat of the same species, but what the problem is, is that no one knows if they are the same species or not. Because no one is willing to go through the trouble to collect a ton evidence to identify them apart. thus, leading the Chilean Rose Hairs to be in a mess. Which the possibilities a T. labeled "Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula" could lead it to being G. rosea, G. porteri, G. sp concepcion, G. sp maul, G. sp northern gold, etc. In short, if scientist/archaeologists wanted to identify them all apart, it would require a junk load of information, research, and study. Which could take months or years to do.
Rose hair is a generic term that applies to several different species.

They used to be considered one species, hence the confusion, but they are not, they are all different separate Chilean species that simply share the rose hair moniker.

This one's either sp. north or porteri...the differences are actually pretty subtle. Actual rosea is the obvious one when you see it.

Darth, this is but one of the many reasons why we don't use common names, they're pretty worthless as you are is a rose hair, but that label alone does nothing to tell the actual specific species.

Kind of like saying you have a stripe knee...about 12 to 15 species fit and carry that common name. You only actually know what you have if you know the scientific name.

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