Tips to gain my friendship
And here I was, kindly inviting you to come over and pet my C. lividum and you change the rules?!
That is not nice! :troll::D
Sorry, I was beaten down by too many comments about the third line. It's almost as if people didn't get that this was a humorous parody rather than serious tarantula husbandry tips.
Doesn't really matter. Just goes to show that people will nit-pick the <edit> out of anything online, even if it's something they should like.
@nicodimus22 It's actually not nit-picking, "Invite me over to pet your tarantula" implies the wrong message, simple as that. Should your meme go viral at least uninformed people won't assume tarantulas are friendly.
My first reply was definitely a tease -- I had worded it something like "My dearest friend -- change 'pet' to 'see' " since I agreed with it but didn't wanna pet nothing! For all I know, you got an OBT lurking somewhere.... :)
Sorry you took the first one down -- you had a LOT of likes, including mine!

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