Tiny Sling Sitting on the Head of a Pin

Tiny Sling Sitting on the Head of a Pin

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Found an egg sac full of these little guys today; they were starting to emerge and we have some pretty cold temps coming up, so I relocated them into a deli cup to care for them until it warms up. Couldn't resist snapping a pic of this brave little one. No idea what species; guessing orb weavers.
@Mirandarachnid Thanks! Most of the slings stayed in the sac when I moved it, but this little one just had to go exploring so I decided to pull out the camera.
@Acro Thanks. I think the warm day fooled them into thinking it was safe to emerge. I would've felt bad just leaving them there to freeze in a couple of days.

^Here's his little abdomen; it has an interesting shield-shaped marking, but I have no clue what species I'm dealing with. I welcome guesses, although I know it's a crap-shoot with slings.

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