Tigrosa sp. male

Tigrosa sp. male

It’s that time of year again when these guys come out in massive droves to try and find mates. I caught 2 and tried breeding one with one of my females but she pounced on him instead...ironically she’s the fattest out of all my wolf spiders. Tips on breeding these guys is always welcome.
My Dolomedes tenebrosus are just as bad. I did manage to pair one successfully. I place a screen right in the middle of the enclosure and placed the male on the other side. She charged him first but couldn’t get to him.

After 2 hours of the little dude doing everything he could to get her attention, she finally started rubbing her legs together.

I slowly, I mean grass grows fast slow, pulled the screen out. 20 minutes later they were paired.

She started slowly eating his legs during the event. Poor dude continued to do his thing while she was eating him. After he was done, she took him out. But she is gravid so all good.

The rest.. eaten.. without pairing. :(
He was my last male so I thought, what the heck, this could work.
I also little some hope candles, fingers crossed, said a little prayer, and begged the Mother Nature. Haha

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