Thrixopelma sp. Cajamarca Female - 2"
I had marked this one as male after her last moult, the male organs are very obvious in this genus, but this moult I can clearly see the uterus externus. This gives me two females of this species.
How is this species temperament-wise?? I have a juvy t.cyaneolum that i absolutely love and i saw someone had females of this species for sale.
@StormyMyth729 I have two juvenile females and they have been absolute loves so far. Not skittish at all and have awesome appetites. No defensive behaviour in the least - not even one hair kicked. They are sweet and as laid back as can be.
@johnny quango is the expert on the sp. Cajamarca and has adult females. I jumped on getting my two spiderlings because of the positive things that Matt has written about them... and I don't regret it.
This species is quickly becoming a top favourite of mine.
@VanessaS thank you!! I'm thinking I should just invest the money and get one :) i don't hold any of my tarantulas except my t.cyaneolum, he/she is so docile I can't help it! Lol
@StormyMyth729 The nice thing about these two are that they are always visible as well. They have never burrowed, but do tend to do a bit of bulldozing and putting some substrate in their water dish. They sometimes head to their hides when I disturb them, but they come back out again fairly quickly.
In my experience, Thrixopelma seem to be a genus who is always out in the open - even at the smaller sizes. They are one of my favourite genera and I we don't see that many of them in Canada. I tend to jump on them as soon as I see them available.

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Spermathecae sexing (Molts)
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