Thrixopelma Cyaneolum
2" T.Cyaneolum...only had for a couple of days so no molts yet. Just curious if I can get a "probably" on sex. Thanks!
@cold blood awesome!! Thanks, that's what I'm hoping for..hopefully they don't wreck the molt! Lol
My friend is a breeder has 3 that aren't much bigger and we are really hoping to get some slings going of these guys eventually!!!
@StormyMyth729 my phone number is on my review page, text any time. I really hope y'all are successful down the the past the total lack of male availability has greatly inhibited breeding of this that slings are around, it should be a matter of time before we start seeing MMs.
@StormyMyth729 I have an AF as well. Nice to know others have them! Where did you guys get yours from and when? Mine came from Jamie’s less than a year ago.
@viper69 im not sure where my friend got his, I think a wholesaler. His are a little older, their adult colors are pretty prominent. Mine came from a guy that got it from a wholesaler, definitely wild caught, so glad I randomly looked at his species list and picked it up. My friend was telling me all about how chill they are so I was really excited I could get one without waiting for a sling someday. If she really is female, even better. My friend would feel completely awful if I gave him a male on breeding loan and he got eaten lol my spiders aren't just a collection, they're my pets, and all have names.

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Epiandrous fusillae sexing (Not Molts)
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