Thrixopelma cyaneolum
@cold blood you are right. She was only a little smaller a while back but still huge for this species. I had not paired though. So I thought now I have MM may aswell pair her and try get her fertile. My other fem moulted the other day too :)
@KezyGLA Is the size of her abdomen due to being pregnant, OR just normal plump with regular eating. I don't have a firm idea as to what a female abdomen size should be for this species yet. My female has a small abdomen, and I'm not sure if she's doing well. She hasn't wanted to eat at all, she laid a sac (turned out empty). No interest in food since, been about 3-4 weeks at least.

Here's mine when she was preggo
@viper69 I dont find them to be great eaters to be honest. Usually eating one or two large locust per month. My other AF’s abdomen is just a little bigger than carapace size
@KezyGLA Interesting, well I hope that bodes well for mine then. That's basically the same size as mine then. She eats about 2 large crix a month, last month none, but Cold Blood after sac laying some females don't eat for a while.

Basically the females look like males of the Brachy genus, slender hah.

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