Thrigmopoeus psychedelicus
Austin S.

Thrigmopoeus psychedelicus

@AmberDawnDays See?

Such a beautiful tarantula, I wish I was lucky enough to have one of these :D It's just unbelievable, how metalllic they look. Is it a fully grown female? Awesome T, can't believe you got a shot like that with such a reclusive T ;)
Was this after a rehouse, or did you just happen to catch her out like that? Awesome looking T!
mine .... Mine.....MINE.......LOL:arghh::happy::)

Jk....She's Austin's.....But she could be mine, right?? Maybe??? :shifty::p
Lol, no I noticed her hanging out at the top of her 12" burrow, so I slowly stuck a straw down behind her, and she just walked out, so I grabbed a few pictures.

Sorry @Casey K - She's mine mine mine. Plus, I'm getting a mm for her next week :).The way my luck has been lately, I may just get a sac! Well I hope.

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