Theraphosa stirmi [molt sexing]
That's not how you sex a molt. It should flipped on the other side, with the abdomen part spread out and not folded in. Then you want to look at the first set of book lungs for a flap. If there is one, it is a female, if not then its a male.
It curled in on the other side. I'm gonna try to open it without breaking it. Thanks, I've never looked at a molt before.
Ok, so I looked at how to add pics. It made me choose someone else's folder but all my pics show up in my gallery. I want to add another pic but it only gives me the option to put in someone else's album again. Can I not just attach another pic to this thread? Oh well, hope the other member these are going to doesn't get upset. For some reason, I am unable to create my own album.
Looks Female, How big is she??
Here's a Tip: If a molt is dried up, use water and add dish soap to it. Then just throw the molt in and let it soak up. That way a dried up molt can be opened up without ruining the molt.
Thanks for that tip. I was afraid if I got it wet it would just deteriorate. With full leg span I'd say she's about 6 - 7". She hasn't come out of her hollow since molted but I shined a flashlight in there and it looks like she got much darker. I put some crickets in but she doesn't seem real interested in them right now. I figure she molted within the last 2 days. She's probably wore out. Lol
You are probably right. Not real certain when she molted. I just found the molt last night but I've been busy all wknd. It is already pretty brittle is why I'm thinking in the last 2-3 days. I only put 2 crickets in with her and they are steering clear of her right now anyway. They have quench on the opposite side of her terrarium and stay close to it.

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