Theraphosa blondi
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Theraphosa blondi

New addition, a large Juvie Female added to the blondi gang. Currently at 4.8.7 plus one of AF has a sac so 🤞 for more of these stunning giants.
Hey (to spider house)got a problematic mating going on with t blondi need advice a bit,males pairing ready but doesn't tap,recent female bolts out at him and he try's ok but ain't working,would you A)try a bigger male or B)wait till next sperm web ,she webbed in enough ok but it's like she to big ,tx bk on here as got got no email or phone at mo
Try him again after sperm web. Sometimes they are just sizing each other up when first introduced.
I am assuming:
A) the male is freshly mature (ideally less than 6 months)
B) the female is of breeding size, also mature, and also recently moulted.
Yes to both ,male is matured and last made sperm web I think few weeks ago,its strange as she's newly settled in webbed in ok hasn't eaten as yet but she bolts out at him,and they couple up,i ain't sure if it's her needing more time to a degree I thought initially but seems like the male he ain't tapping so her charges ,so I'm waiting for new web from either male then
How long after your male matured did he make first web btw,I got other mature male about 19 day after trying to get him to eat,make web
It takes a few weeks yeah. The females do normally charge at males. The males then usually counter, testing his strength and then is she is really receptive she will quiver her legs while raised. Males tend to slap more than tap as well. Usually at the entrance to her burrow.
Yeah well,the male ain't slapping or tapping at entrance ,she charges out and they couple up ok ,so as I got two males whoever makes web first for better reciprocation

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