Theraphosa apophysis - male or female?

Theraphosa apophysis - male or female?

This is a very tiny molt, but it looks like there's a tiny flap visible so I'm going to say female. Not 100% sure though.
yep it is now with 6 molts behind it's back. I've managed to pick something up with the toothpick, that i thought was the spermatecae, but ... one of my friends keep telling me that this is possibly a part of the skin and it looks nothing like a female to him ... I didn't manage to squee the toothpick through the place where the skin was supposed to be torn ... so i'm not sure what to think .... i could give a link to a larger picture, so it will be easy to see it in details?
sorry for my bad english
Looking at the larger picture, it looks like what I thought might be a flap is actually a tear in the molt. If that is just a tear, I would have to agree with your friend that your Tarantula is a male.
i really hope so :) It will be the perfect compensation for all the males i've got during the years :)))

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Spermathecae sexing (Molts)
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