The sacred mother.
My late beautiful L.Variolus Progenitor. Her name was Zaia. This was our first introduction. She was immediately at peace once she was on my hand and free to crawl and climb the length of my arm. So was I.
@RezonantVoid I just harvest the web during tank cleanings, so long as the spider is youthful and healthy. If she is in an advanced age, I will often add more pinecones or easily climbable materials so as to reduce stress and the need to hide. I have found that northerns do exceptionally well in temperatures below 60 degrees, feeding responses are not notably slower until the 40 degree mark. Oizyra has graduated into her 5th molt as of this morning by the way. It is 49 degrees in the lab this morning, and she is just calmly waiting in her pinecone shelter for food, no sign of slowed metabolism yet.
I have been trying to find one of these for a while now, but I cant seem to find a place that sells young healthy widows

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