The real deal H. pulchripes
So if anyone was following...A few months ago I purchased a small sling that was sold as a H. pulchripes. I posted a pic titled "just chillin" and @Noah Blades noticed that the colors were not right for that species. The same supplier made it right. Tada!
@Drea the seller is a good guy and still does not know how the mix up occurred. He offered to trade the wrong one for this one but the addict in me wouldn't let it go. So he sold me this one at a great price. I also picked up a L. violaceopes at the same time. So the other one appears to be a baboon species of some sort judging by behavior and webbing. Maybe some Asian species but will have to wait some molts to identify.
Really random, but this photo looks like a gold T (like normal) on my newer iPad, but on my iPhone from 2013 it looks oddly purple, maybe the screen is dying? Anyone know why RBG saturation would be different on two devices from the same manufacturer? Also I kind of want a purple and gold H pulchripes now.
@Dman mix ups can happen but as long as the seller is willing to make it right, it’s all good. I struggle with 59 species, I can’t imagine how the sellers do it when they can have thousands at a time. The seller sounds like she or he is good at customer satisfaction.
@EtienneN I took the photo from my Samsung S8+. No flash. It was clear and sunny in San Diego and good natural light. Surprisingly good weather since it has not been great lately here.

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