The only time I dare to hold my OBT
Why would you handle any T just after it molts? They're at their most fragile at that time. o_O P. murinus also tend to be more inclined to bolt than bite until they're about 3", when they start getting that trademark 'tude.

That's also a fat OBT for having just molted lmao. Must have been big as a house before. Pretty T, please be careful with it.
I just payed for the facepalm rractior and can't even use it in the gallery! :mad:

In all seriousness though, I 1000% agree with @Arachnophoric . After seeing your gallery uploads I can tell you are quite a knowledgeable and respectable keeper but handling ANY T after its just molted, ESPECIALLY an OBT, is just gonna send the wrong messages to new keepers. I'm honestly not trying to come across as angry or anything, but I just think this is a little irresponsible. The bottom line is they're your T's, but think about what's best for them
Sorry for the wrong message but precautions are taken. I did not touch it as immediately after molting. About 2 days later. In her normal mode, she would be very defensive and near impossible to hold. Therefore, on a flip side, it is safer for both of us to handle her ( just place on the hand ) in her post molt. I do not believe in rearing Ts and afraid of holding it at all. Examining the whole life of a Ts, there is no such a thing as a perfect time to handle a Ts, especially with an Old World.

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