The battle of the century

The battle of the century

Spiders VS spoons dates back to way earlier than spiders VS water dishes. Unknown species, either a trapdoor, purse web or a whole new genus altogether
@basin79 I know that you keep a purse web spider, I'm curious to hear what you think of this spider. It's fangs are.. locked? Literally only the needles at the end can move, the rest is almost immobile. I find colour, shape, forward pointing fangs and general shape all just like a purse web, the previous Inge I uploaded is a top view shot. What are your thoughts
I can't really make the fangs out as it goes fuzzy when I zoom in (phone) and don't understand what you mean either. Here's a pic of 1 of the Calommata signata's fangs. Can you explain what you mean?
Alright, so with my specimen, the spider can only move the needle parts of the fangs up and down. The upper parts are like locked in place and can only move if the spider rears up in a threat posture. That's the best way I can think to describe it, I'll try uploading a gif if I see it outside again.

It doesn't build a lid or make extremely thick white silk to line the burrow, just a thin grey film if webbing inside the burrow. Does your Signata do anything similar?
@RezonantVoid mine make burrows under ground like a trapdoor spider but don't have a lid. When they're hungry the entrance will be clear. When not they web it up.

There are species of purse webs that make their socks on the ground or on a tree too. Prey walk on the sock that's decorated with sub and the spider simply fangs it and pulls the prey in. It'll then repair the hole.
@basin79 I have not witnessed this yet but this is exactly the kind of burrow structure mine has made over the past months. I assumed it had just sealed the burrow to molt but it makes me wonder if it was just using a false cover to ambush prey and I hadn't realised it, especially since it ate literally 2 minutes after the above photo was taken. Thx very much for your input
@Casey K YES THAT IS IT I was racking my brain for the right term. Unlike trapdoors that can move the chelicera around this spider's ones are almost locked it place and can maybe be moved 1mm up and down
@RezonantVoid awwww glad I could help. :) I am looking for trapdoors, myself to purchase. Seems they have been pretty scarce on the market here lately. I live in SC and could probably look for some in my area but I'd rather purchase species that aren't local (to my area). Mostly looking for some African species.

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