Thailand Black?

Thailand Black?

Haplopelma lividum?
i am pretty sure that thats not a minax. i am pretty sure that it's a Haplopelma schmidti (dark form). hope this helps
Haplopelma lividum was another option put forward which i thought was closest as she does have the blue markings even though she is still adolescent. The picture does not show them up well but you can just see them on here legs.

thanks for you input.
I have recently acquired 2 of these also from diff vendors sold as minax. I have had a couple of people who know their Haps say they are prob H. vietnam sp./ Von Worthi.. Heres some pics, these are suposedly the same, one soon after molt, the other coming up on molt.

Oyaji, I am almost certain what you have there is a VERY pretty H.longipes - one of the best looking Haploplema in my opinion, beautiful cream/blue-grey 2 tone colours, stocky leg IV with wrap-round scopulae.

Not a vonworthi/sp. vietnam!

Here are closeup pictures of Leg IV of a longipes :

And my (recently deceased) female:

haplopelma is an annoying class but i think longipes is also a really good one and i feel stupid for forgetting to suggest that option :p
This is a bit of an old post, but your spider looks to be Haplopelma sp. "Kambotchka"....though the locality spelling may be off a bit. They have similar (the same?) morphological characters as H. longipes from what I can tell, but I'm not an arachnid taxonomist so I am not sure. Possibly a regional variant of H. longipes? Anyway, the H. sp. "Kambotchka" is the name they are being offered under in the hobby.

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