terrestrial setup

terrestrial setup

40/30/30 cm glass tank, tropical setup for L. parahybana
That's a great looking tank. Is your L. para webbing everything up it? I have a large live planted humid tank that was going to be for a different T but that ended up not happening. I have a 7in female that would probably like this tank but I don't want to put her in if she just coats everything in web and kills the plants! lol I am also considering putting my P. ultramarinus in it but she has a lot of growing to do before it will be feasible for her to go in. I should point out that my L. para has covered every square in of her current 24x18 Exo Terra with web. The live planted tank is a 36x18 exo and I was wondering if maybe the plantings and better hide set up might cause her to reduce the webbing or if that's just what they typically always do regardless of enclosure. I had a male (just passed away 16months post ultimate molt) that never laid any web down and I also have another 2-3in juv. that hasn't laid any webbing.
Thanks! Yes everything is covered in thin layer of web. L. parachybana isn't really plant friendly. Biggest problem is that she is heavy. Plants that you see in picture above she literally trampled to death;) But I replaced it. So far its all good, she didn't try to climb it;P
Just don't plant anything in T enclosure that you will feel bad loosing.
Here is a pic how looks now, after few months :


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