Teeny tiny Brachypelma albiceps sling
I just unboxed and rehoused this little guy. He is tiiiny. It might take awhile, but I'm excited to have a B. Albiceps in the collection.
@Ztesch i have a bigger B. albiceps sling for nearly a year now. it molted twice in my care but the growth is miniscule...
Ya especially at this size. It seems like when you get 1st or 2nd instar slings it takes forever for them to molt. I'm expecting at least 3 to 4 months for it's first molt. Usually it speeds up after the first molt or 2.
an albiceps sling this size was available to me earlier this year, had to pass lol took an auratum instead and well same story here... but yeah running out of space so little guys like this can stay that way from while I suppose better for me lol
The last 2 Brachy's I really want are B. Auratum and B. Baumgarteni. They are rare and so darn expensive here in the U.S.
I know and for even tiny babies! As much as I like to keep t's from babies, brachy's can be trying with their slow growth rate, sigh. my auratum took 2 months to molt once in my care and that species considered faster growing than others like albiceps
Yup. They are slow but pretty easy to care for. Give the tiny ones a piece of a meal worm and call it a day. After they eat, remove said mealworm rinse and repeat untill its in premoult. My first T was a quarter inch B. Hamorii. So for a first time T. Keeper that probably wasn't the best choice as I was very imaptient. However now that I own 60 T's it's not that big of a deal if a Tarantula takes a long time in the sling stage.

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