Tasmanicosa godeffroyi (Lycosidae)
For sure. I had a friend who was bitten and it became big, red, and leaked pus...not something you want to really do.
Yeah, that’s what happened to my friend. I was an ugly bite...don’t handle these guys. My 1cm female took a cricket twice her size. I would say the only insect able to even challenge these guys in the same size range are mantids. Maybe the occasional Jerusalem cricket. I have seen mantids get absolutely destroyed by wolfs though. And the other way around. Way too food driven. If you think the gain is worth the pain...go ahead but don’t say we didn’t warn you..
@MrGhostMantis They r alot like whitetails there Venom can be nasty as lowers ur immune system & can get infected & @RezonantVoid I dunno had a few fun out pf enclosure onto me never bitten me but that is also why is aid not relaly something people should do
@BushYeti i had an 85mm girl go for my fingers way too many times, even through the plastic of her container when moving it. That was with her on 2 large crickets a week

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