I just caught this guy the other day. Very Docile. He is solid black with just a few brown hairs on his abdomen. His legs are about 3 inches long which makes him about 7" overall length. Looks like a Aphonopelma but curious as to which one. He looks just like the Johnny cashi. But I'm here in W. Tex
I wanted to add that I have him in a 20gal aquarium. He has one of those petsmart half log hideaways in there. He has already made a small ground web and a light web over the entrance. I wish I could get a better pic but he stays inside the log. I missed a shot of him yesterday when I put crickets in and he jumped on one. I have a small water bowl also that he went for just after I put him in. Must have been thirsty. Its dry here in Midland, Texas. Thanks for any help.
I'm going with Aphonopelma gabeli. Out of the three tarantula species in Texas in which the males are black, A. gabeli is the one known to be in the Midland/ Odessa area.
Yea right after I go hug a tree! I more than likely just improved his life. These only burrow and eat. Now he has constant water, food and a place to web.
@bsshog40 you aren’t improving anything. You stoping the chance of him mating in the wild and he will now deteriorate until he dies in your care.

I will never understand why people collect MMs and keep them as pets.
If it was a juvi or a female I'd keep it but
As a MM unless you have a female for him he won't be around long.
I will keep an eye on him. We have a cat that kills everything around the house. He has already killed 2 tarantulas, 3 snakes, besides the many field rats, birds and bunnies. I know because he brings them up to our backdoor. Btw, do any of you raise tarantulas? Just because they are bred in captivity doesn't mean they are domesticated. I'm sure there are a bunch of you who don't plan on returning yours to the wild. This is not my first rodeo on forums where you run into the self righteous individuals that know what's better for others. This is also not my first raising of tarantulas or any other exotic pets I've had thru the years. And at KezyGLA, Your post made me shed a tear. I will try to live with the guilt!

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