Tarantula, Trapdoor Spider, or ???

Tarantula, Trapdoor Spider, or ???

Sister-in-law swept this out of her garage as it was attempting to enter. Looking for any insight as to what it may be. Definitely not native to this area. Location: Aiken, South Carolina. Many thanks!

Update: turns out it IS native. Southern Trapdoor Spider.
I did a little quick research and I'm thinking it's
Sphodros atlanticus
Kukulcania hibernalis
Roughly how large is it
Lol, def not a Kukulcania. It's a trapdoor for sure. Looks like a mature male looking for a mate, and I am 99% sure that it is native ;). Exact species I can't really help with. @Ungoliant ?
Well, I'll be. Learned something new today. I grew up here and spent many a summer afternoon feeding Southern House spiders grasshoppers and crickets, so much so my family still teases me about it 35+ years later :) I never knew we had these. Very cool! I'll set it free. Thanks so much!
I've had one for a while that I caught too, long ago. But I let it go to search for a mate. Mature males are never settling when breeding season is around, meaning they will never make a trapdoor if caught from the wild. The reason is because they are searching for mates and will not settle down. Trust me from my experience.

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