Tarantula ID Request
I was buying a curly hair the other day and a guy was giving away a t he had in his home already I have no idea of the species someone please help
Did he tell you if the tarantula was wild caught? You have a number of Aphonopelma species close to where you are.
What’s the substrate? I would change it to coco fiber. Also, is it wild caught? If not, what happened to it? Its legs are curling in from what I can see and its abdomen looks a little strange.
I mean, I could be looking at this wrong but is that a cyst between the cephalothorax and the abdomen, or something else?
It looks like a normal pedicel to me. It might look a bit more obvious than normal, due to the tarantula's position and being a bit on the slimmer side.
When they are chubbier, the pedicel is covered up more.
Here is a shot of one of my boys that shows it, due to him being stretched out. They normally aren't at this angle and you don't often see it.

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Tarantula Identification
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