T. blondi LS ~15cm

T. blondi LS ~15cm

Identity problem...
Male or female?
A better straight on picture would help..... But for now I do not see an indication that its a male......... But a better pic would really be of service.
Aaaargh, this one too. It's hard to take a good picture trough the tank in good angle. The flash is messing around all the time. I'd try to concentrate better and take good pictures from all three....

Yes, this should be female because I bought A. geniculata and this in the same time. They should be quite same old together and A. geniculate have became an adult male long time ago.
that's not necessarily an indication - t blondi mature later as the males get larger as a. geniculata males. sorry, but it looks like a male to me, too.

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Epiandrous fusillae sexing (Not Molts)
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