Suspected Euathlus Metropolitana

Suspected Euathlus Metropolitana

Bought as P. Scrofa from hobbyist, I've posted her on the facebook group and everyone pointed me toward E. Metropolitana and I wanted to get some thoughts from you guys as well. I can provide more angles if this one does not work.
Nobody can tell from a picture what kind of species that is, especially when talking about rather similar looking species. As far as I know E. sp. metropolitana isn't available in the hobby, so there's absolutely no reason why this shouldn't be P. scrofa.
@boina these guys were introduced as Paraphysa scrofa in pet trade, when the genus came back to Phrixotrichus, many keepers still believed they were P. scrofa. Turns out, Phrixotrichus have 2 lateral mirrors on their abdomen while Euathlus have only a centered one.
The individual of this thread is an Euathlus for sure, it could be E. sp. "Metropolitana", thats what most chilean keepers I've been talk to, believe, at least. But since E. sp. "Metropolitana" havent been described yet, this will remains a mistery for now.
Have a look at the Tarantulas de Chile website and see if any of those match what you have. In the photo, half of the tarantula is in shadow and half is over exposed so I can't make out any of the patterns and markings.
@Arachnid Addicted the information about the misidentified imports were what I was told about on the arachnoboards Facebook group, i just didn’t have the specific information on what identifiable differences between those species were. I’m just curious because I’ve been told for years she likely wasn’t p. Scrofa but I didn’t know why or what she really was.
@Taysha people are used to know the changes, misidentifications or mistakes we have in the hobby but they arent interested to know why they were changed/corrected or how they were mislabeled, thats why they only pass the "this is no longer P. scrofa" info without any further details. Lol. Look for Nico Zañartu on Fb, he used to have some contacts of chilean reseachers and I think he can help you too.
@c.h.esteban Thank you so much for looking at her! Im going to try do some research, I dont have any intent of breeding her, just to satisfy my own curiosity :)

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