Sucker for a Pretty Face

Sucker for a Pretty Face

My female pinstripe Python regius, Psi. She's so adorable!
@atraxrobustus These guys are hardly scary. A large female is lucky to be over 5 feet, and while I could believe one could potentially kill a cat, I don't believe one could eat a cat, and the far more likely situation is that the cat rips the snake to shreds. And if the situation arises that someone exposes their snake and cat to one another, someone is being HIGHLY irresponsible.

Psi is a shy and timid girl, and very sweet. So is my other ball python Delta. My boas are a little more testy, but the only one that's ever bit anyone was my 8' Bredli carpet python.

Please keep this stuff in mind when commenting on pictures of someone's beloved pet. Snakes, reptiles, inverts, and other exotic pets don't need to be feared, but respected.
@Arachnophoric @Rysandfish The snake he had I don't think was the same species- in fact I'm certain of it- as his was jet black and rather large. My comment was intended to be more "general" to snakes. (as I'm assuming that he had a python as opposed to a boa- since if I remember correctly Boas are arbhoreal where pythons aren't.)

The cat incident was indeed irresponsible- as someone forgot to lock the enclosure, and by the time it was caught wind of, the snake already had its first wrap around the cat. I only assume the snake was probably fixing to eat it.

Personally, I can deal with having a spider, but I draw the line with having a snake- they just make me go nuts for some reason.
@atraxrobustus That's actually not true either, being a boa or a python doesn't dictate whether it'll be arboreal or terrestrial, it's unique from species to species :) Example - there are green tree pythons and emerald tree boas, both arboreal!

I'd be more willing to bet that the snake was reacting defensively - cats have almost a natural instinct to mess with snakes for whatever reason. My cat enjoys sizing up my 7' boa constrictor Jethro all the time.

Just like keeping arachnids, they aren't for everyone, but I love mine dearly and would rather part with my left hand than part with them. To each their own, my friend!

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