Striped Knee?

Striped Knee?

If you're asking if this is an Aphonopelma seemanni, a sure-fire way to tell is if it has a peach/orange underside and spinnerets. The spinnerets look orange, but it's hard to tell for sure from this angle. A ventral shot would help.

Note - Using the common name is near useless, seeing as many species share them. You'll have much better results by searching for things by their scientific names, once you start learning them ;)
@Arachnophoric Thanks, I am picking this one up tomorrow for my first T and am getting fairly excited to see him/her. Once I get the T home and give a few days to get used to the new living space ill try to get a picture of the underside to double check, and hopefully find out if male or female.
@failpending Very nice! Like @Flexzone said, it's a pretty sure bet on being A. seemanni, but it never hurts to check. Pretty awesome that they have such a solid identifier. Decent choice for a first T, I know I'm quite fond of mine and I've only had her for about a week! :)

Fingers crossed for you it ends up female and you'll have it for many years to come.

Actually, I'd try to get pictures of the underside first. Because what you're doing otherwise is putting them into an unfamiliar place, letting them acclimate, then just as they're feeling acclimated you remove them and mess with them again.

You can try to get pictures without removing them, when they crawl up on the sides, but then you have to wait for them. You should put them in something with a clear bottom and put the camera under the bottom to get a picture.

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