Striped Birdeater? Anyone heard of this before?

Striped Birdeater? Anyone heard of this before?

Hey, I found an old pic of my birdeater! I had it for about 8 years. Wild caught, pretty aggressive, about 9.5" from front tip to back tip when it died and sold to me as a Striped Birdeater. Never seen this since. Can anyone help ID this spider?
Just letting everyone know that I think I have a positive I.D. on my old birdeater. I always figured it was something of the Lasiodora or Theraphosa genus, it appears to be a Peruvian Goliath Striped Knee (Lasiodora Striatus). This would be why it was similar in appearance to a Skeleton or Zebra, but much larger lol Thanks again to Dave Avery of Avery Exotics. Cheers :0)

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