Stenoterommata sp.
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Stenoterommata sp.

One of the most beautiful spiders I've ever seen.
Searched on Google and absolutely love those earthy colours with the black velvet legs. Has a really similar build to Stanwellia sp., with what I like to call "tarantula legs". Seems like these guys web ALOT more than our Stanwellia though
@Arachnid Addicted you keep posting these amazing pics of T's and spiders Ive never seen before and its blowing me away ! The quality of the pics and the specimens are really incredible. Thanks for posting them for real I look forward to seeing your new posts !
From this angle the abdomen looks like a dimly lit lantern. The hairs above its eyes make it look really grumpy too. Absolutely beautiful T.

I've made a discord server for individuals from AB to join and participate in. Please feel free to stop by and stay awhile, I'd love to have you there!

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