Steatoda bipunctata

Steatoda bipunctata

Showing off her new long legs next to her old ones :D
(2 days after molting)
My steadota nobilis is molting behind me as i speak they do make quite a transformation and yours looks quite lovely
@The wolf Lucky you, seeing it happen :D Steadota nobilis are pretty too, quite a lot bigger than this one here, hehe
Mine molted over night, else I would've loved to film it. She looked more grey and translucent the morning I saw it and then after a day she went back to being more brown in colour like here. The little tiger legs look really awesome now! ^^
I had one of these once as well as my current s.nobilis and I managed to over feed her? So there's a little warning they dont leave leftovers!
@The wolf Thank you for the advice. I'll watch out for that, I think I tend to overfeed too, gotta figure out their appetite still ^^

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