Spider, bought as G. rosea.

Spider, bought as G. rosea.

When I bought this spider, i thought it was G. rosea RCF. Now I think it's P. scrofa. Am I right?
You are correct; this is Paraphysa scrofa. The coloration isn't the giveaway here, but the shape of the mirror patch IS. In Paraphysa species, the mirror patch has a distinctive hourglass shape, where in G. rosea, it has no real defined shape at all. Your spider has that hourglass-shaped mirror patch.

I dont think its a scrofa at all. It is a red phase G. rosea. I have one and she is great, just moulted, and she was only 15$. They are not easy to find, hence why alot of people make the mistake of calling them scrofa. Marshal in his book, points out that there are variations in color of rosehairs, as do the Smiths' in their Guide. I thought mine was a scrofa for a little bit, but with more careful research and not jumping to conclusions I found its a rose hair. Check out Rick Wests site for a better pic. Nice spider!!!
this is Definitely G rosea RCF. G rosea always have the rosie color to their carapace, and P scrofa have darker, almost black carapace.

the one in this picture definately has a pinkish tint to the carapace.

G rosea RCF have an overall red/pink color, and P scrofa have black along with reddish tints.

the way i remember it -- P scrofa look like A seemani with Red highlights on the legs and on the beginning of the abdomen, near the pedicel. ;)
I'd say this is a P. scrofa. As pitbulllady said the mirror patch looks more like a scrofa than a rosea.
yes looking back over it, i now see the difference.

it's p scrofa for sure. then again if you bought it as WC, it could be paraphysa sp pygmy or any other various form of paraphysa... theres lot's of paraphysa we have yet to discover, let alone classify taxonomically.


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