Some Sort Of Aphonopelma??

Some Sort Of Aphonopelma??

I just got this beauty, but I'm lost. The kid that sold her to me said she was a Haplopelma anax... She's obviously not a Haplopelma anything...

She doesn't look like A. anax to me either because of that beautiful black stripe down her carapace...
Aphonopelma sp. is as best a your going to unfortunately. This genus is so messed up that it's almost impossible to ID a WC Aphonopelma.
that's the thing. it wasn't wild caught. it was captive bred (or so they said). i've looked through every imaginable picture i could find of anything in the genus aphonopelma and none of them have anything remotely similar to that black stripe on the carapace.

that stripe is unique, so i thought it would be easy to place, but it's totally baffled me. is it some sort of fluke? like a birthmark? can tarantulas even do that? or some sort of hybrid that resulted in it? or is it really common and i just haven't found pictures of it? or has it just not reached its final colors yet? (the picture is misleading. the little guy is only about 2.5 inches big)

the image right before this one shows the stripe a lot better. i think it's amazing. it was the selling point for me. but i never knew it would give me so much grief! lol
thats not really a "stripe" per se' looks more like where the setae has rubbed off the prosomo, when the spider molts that will be gone.
on a good not, thats a very good looking animal...kinda looks like "carlsbad green'

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