Some of my millipedes

Some of my millipedes

A sampling of the diversity of millipedes I'm enjoying as I'm new to keeping them. As always, I'm not confident on the species so would happily accept correction/suggestions for the next time I update this image. I've really grown attached to these lovely creatures!
You should take pictures for a field guide or a book on pet millipedes!
An issue I have with most of the species lists printed or online is that the images are of millipedes on objects or in enclosures, but one with each species isolated on a white background like this would be great because all of the morphological differences would be easily visible.

Oh, and some of the smaller O. ornatus may be O. texicolens as the two are commonly confused in the hobby but I don't know enough about Orthoporus to tell the difference.
Thanks for the compliment! A a nature photographer something I do is create field guides and other educational materials (mostly for amphibians) and the white-background method is useful for that so it's what's set up at home. There are pros and cons for lots of ways to photograph an animal. Would be fun to work on some photo-based guides for invert keeping sometime :)
Hello ! I was wondering, are they good pets to watch ? Or maybe they use to spend most of their time hiding under leaves or anything..?
Hello! I have a number of species in my enclosure. Different species are active in different ways. Some are active on the surface in the day. Others are out only at night and make special surprise appearances. Some are underground for a while, then spend time on the surface, and then return underground. Overall, millipedes spend lots of time in the soil where they can't be seen. But they do appear on the surface sometimes, and I have enough that there always seems to be something to look at.

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