Sold to me as a "Brazilian Fire rump"

Sold to me as a "Brazilian Fire rump"

That looks like a Hysterocrates, or maybe some member of Selenocosmiinae. In any event, I would guess old world, so be careful
@Daniel Edwards You don't always see the urticating hairs - e.g. neither Brachypelma nor Aphonopelma have a visible mirror patch. Sericopelma sp. 'Santa Catalina' is a NW possibility - that would depend on how red/brown the spider actually is in real life.

I do agree, though, it looks a bit like Hysterocrates, like @Olan said.
The color pattern and the longer hairs in the legs reminds me of Megaphobema robustum, which could be close to what the seller thought it is (since M. robustum has a "fire rump" and it's habitat is said to reach Brazil). I'm sure the more experienced keepers are better at recognizing what it actually is, though.
@boina Yeah although the Sericopelma has much longer setae on the abdomen and even Brachypelma, Aphonpelma, etc. I've noticed have a slight sheen to the abdomen and longer setae on it which I don't see here. This could really be anything at this point.

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