Sold as Theraphosa blondi

Sold as Theraphosa blondi

How large is this specimen? Looks to be a T. blondi but a closer shot of the specimen is needed to be certain.
@MrGhostMantis Its in the identification thread. Usually if it is posted here its because the OP doesn’t know the species.

I generally don’t bother to post in the ID thread because i am kot comfortable in knowing every species out there and its look alike so, but my first thought was also blondi. It looks to be a sling, but i don’t see the front for pink feed of stirmi (or all 8 for apopysis) Hence i think blondi, but hopefully others can confirm or correct.
@seaward451 If you bought it as blondi, i think you are probably good, but i am not sure at what size stirmi would lose the pink feet at. That would be my main concern.

Also, as adults, i know that blondi have setae on the patella and stirmi don’t, but again, not sure what size that becomes apparent. You might dig through pictures of reliable people like Tom Patterson (Search @Philth on AB) who have bred the species before and see if you can find pictures of slings of both at this stage to help.

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