Sold as Theraphosa blondi
Was sold to me as blondi at the Daytona show last weekend. Feels more like a stirmi to me. Trying to see if I should call the shop and complain or not. Either one is okay, but I really WANTED a blondi and pretty sure I paid blondi pricing for it too.
It is a stirmi. As far as I know there are only a few people selling true blondi, most of whom you can find through this site. Try not to feel too bad about it, many people (myself included) have made this very mistake. I think I've made the mistake at least 3 times.

If you think you could get some sort of refund, I'd call them up. Blondi prices are around $250.00 for an unsexed sling, BTW.
Well, then I didn't over pay. This one's in the 4" range. It's super calm, I've handled it a few times with no hair kicking. But still misinformation is misinformation...
@tkn0spdr, True story, this species is probably the number one species to be misidentified, purposely or simple misidentification. The stirmi was in the hobby sold as blondi many many years before someone figured it out.

I was going to guess around 5in, as this is probably the last time you'll see the pink hue around the metatarsi. Do you know if it is male or female?

Wonderful, hardy species though. Over the years I have come to love the stirmi, post molts are beautiful, they eat like champs, and survive in just about all conditions.

Perhaps it's okay to "mess" with it a little bit while it is young, but you are playing with fire handling this species... at 4in a Theraphosa is basically a baby Tarantula, similar to some other cute little 1.5in species that you just think "awe, what a docile, little thing."

I literally have a 'stay 2 feet away rule' with this species, I never change the water without distracting them with food. This species deserves respect and handling does not give it.
If the tarsus of legs I & II are pick then its certainly stirmi.

I dont know if it is just the flash making this look like stirmi. Can you post picture without flash?
@YellowBrickRoad I know. I've just had really good luck over the years. I have in the past had an adult C darlingi and a P irminia that were both very laid back and didn't mind handling. And I currently have a nice sized (6 to 7 inch) L parahybana that indulges me. There've been others, they just stand out because you usually can't touch them.
@KezyGLA Let me see if I have a non flash pic...

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