Sold as Pamphobeteus nigricolor

Sold as Pamphobeteus nigricolor

Hi all,

I bought this from a well know T shop here in the UK when it was only 2cm as Pamphobeteus nigricolor.

However, as it is growing up the colours started to become more and more brown.

So my question is, what do you guys think?

Is this actually a Pamphobeteus nogricolor?

P. nigricolor was described from Colombia. New material from there, which fits into the described characters of these species, do not have any abdominal pattern in juvenile stages.
On your picture there is the fading pattern, which is typical for some species from Ecuador.
Finally these is a species from Ecuador and not P. nigricolor.

Thanks for the input.

However, you lost me somewhere in the middle. Essentially you are saying this is NOT nigricolor and could be any P. sp from Ecuador?

If so, what this could be? (Any ideas).

I forgot to mention I have bought 2 P. machala together with the supposed P. Nnigricolor from the same source and they look completely different and are a lot smaller compared to this one despite they where roughly on the same size when arrived.
@ Obi Wan
I can say for sure, it is not P nigricolor and it is a species from Ecuador.

In the past there was two different "nigricolor" from Ecuador in the pet trade. None of them was the real one.
The first one was later also sold as P. sp. GOLIATH (Sto. Domingo), the second one is similar to P. sp. MACHALA / SOUTH ECUADOR.

These two can distiguished by the male bulb and some differences in hairs.

Every try to get a certain id, just with a picture is mostly nonsense, especially in this case.

The differences between your "nigricolor" and the MACHALA maybe only caused by the age / size.

@ macaridonte
What is the source of your nigricolor spermathecae?
And what is your explanation for the differences between your picture and the drawing from SCHIAPELLI & GERSCHMANN (1979; Fig. 28), which are based on the type material?
is a link so the source is obvious SCHIAPELLI & GERSCHMANN (1979; Fig. 28 is about gramostolas i think you mean
Pamphobeteus nigricolor (Ausserer 1875)
Sorry, but your link shows just a picture with a name. But without any information about the origin and size of the specimens or if the picture was taken from another published paper.

The source that i mean is:
Schiapelli, R. D. & Gerschman de P., B. S. (1979). Las arañas de la subfamilia Theraphosinae (Araneae, Theraphosidae). Revista del Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales Bernardino Rivadavia (Ent.) 5: 287-300.

There is nothing about Grammostola.

The figures 26 - 31 are drawings from "Pamphobeteus nigricolor Ausserer 1890 Typii ♂ y ♀ Bogotá col. Keyserling, No 7-1-373
y 374 del British Museum (N. H.)." and figure 28 shows the spermathecae.

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