Sold as Grammostola rosea
Elliot Dash

Sold as Grammostola rosea

Alright i cant find any pics good of this tarantula. So the guy i bought this female from thinks it was a grammostola rosea. This is obviously wrong. I think its a brachypelma vagans but she has alot of red hairs on her back 2 legs. Can anyone help me whith this . Thank you .
I would just label it as Brachypelma sp. and never breed it. Some brachys look alike, vagans, sabolosum, even some verdezi look like vagans. To me it looks like a vagans, but who knows to be certain.
You might be able to narrow it down when she moults and you can use her spermathecae as an identification tool. Although it is not foolproof, it is more accurate than a visual in many cases.
I defo think its a b vagans because i use to have a MM and he was aggresive and so is this girl
@Elliot Dash that's a ridiculous reason to think it's vagans. It has red setae on its legs, vagans doesn't...if anything, this would be a clear indicator it's NOT vagans.

It doesn't look like vagans to me...rump isn't bright red enough, blacks aren't black enough. This is my vagans of the same size for comparison.
Alright so now i think its a B Sabulosum but they arnt that black . I might just be looking at it wrong

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