Sold as "golden stripe knee"

Sold as "golden stripe knee"

No real idea. Guessing brachy/grammo. sold as that but thinking grammostola aureostriata. but it should have some noticable color. T. is 2" and very docile, likes to bulldoze.
I told the guy i was gonna return it cause he wasn't really sure either @ the time.... but man. the nature of this lil' dude is so chill i don't think i can pass him on. totally docile, won't kick unless i'm pissing him off..Just very good t.
deffinitely a curly.. ya they are very chill i have to pick mine up to hold em

he will get his extreme trademark hairs on his next molt
Wow! awesome looking, even if it is not Golden Strip Knee though.

I don't know if the price between those two is different. But if you paid for Golden Strip, You should get what you paid.

However, It is a good boy/girl. Isn't it.
lol, Just saw the post by darkart... and yes.. that's the MM you got.. I Got him around 1.5" that day in oct 2008, and he grew FAST

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