Sold as G. rosea

Sold as G. rosea

I bought this at a local pet shop as a G. rosea, nobody working there had any idea of the gender. Hasn't molted since I got it, and the store hadn't had them very long, couple weeks at most. Is it in fact a rosea?
t's like these are pretty hard to identify but i believe that this is a grammostola. i was thinking of a Grammostola mendozae. any other good ideas?
Similar to my Haitian Brown (Phormictopus cancerides), but nahhh.That looks way too calm, not evil at all! Plain chocolate brown, easily handled... maybe a type of Aphonopelma sp. ?...
i think it's more of a Grammostola than an aphonopelma. A hentzi is an obvious no because of the carapace coloration. i stand by G mendozae unless anyone else has any other good ideas

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