Sold As Fire Tarantula

Sold As Fire Tarantula

Just bought this juvie today, was cheap and listed as a fire t. I am thinking that she's a G. rosea, but wanted others opinons... hoping I am
From some more research I think she might be a Grammostola aureostriata, I saw a juvenile picture of this species and it's nearly identical.
Chilean rose tarantulas are sometimes sold as Chilean Fire tarantulas. This looks like a young Chilean rose to me
I've never seen a G. rosea sold as a "Chilean Fire tarantula", and this does NOT look like a Rosehair. "Chilean Fire" is the pet trade name of what's known as Euathlus sp. "flame", though this actually looks more like a closely-related, and possibly conspecific, E. sp. "yellow". You can check out this thread and scroll down a bit to see pics of both for comparison, but I've certainly never see a G. rosea OR a G. aureostriata with that bright yellow at the conjuncture of the abdomen.


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