So Tiny!
Cute! My versi didn't scavenge much so cut up mealworms never worked well, but sometimes i'd leave a small mealworm with a slightly crushed head in her web and she'd pounce on it. One small feeder that I particularly like is red runner roach nymphs they are small and fast and great for arboreals that really key in on sight.
My versi didn't like anything except for mini red runners, I tried giving it live mealworms, prekilled mealworms, mealworms cut in half and yet the sling wasn't interested .
@EtienneN @Hoxter thanks! It took one crushed small cricket 3 days ago, only because the legs were still moving I think. Other than that I’ve had her for a week so I’ll try feeding her a little red runner.
Does the place you get your feeders from sell fruit flies? That's what we always fed little slings like that when a baby cricket was the same size as the spider.
@Laiobt My sling is about that size and will take dubia roach nymphs with their heads crushed. (She doesn't always find the roach immediately, but if I leave her be for a few hours, she'll have it in her mouth.)

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