Small Male identification

Small Male identification

Any ideas what this little guy could be? Some kind of false tarantula maybe? They are about 1 3/4 in. The abdomen looks so weird to me

*edit-definitely agree that this little dude is more then likely a mature male of a smaller species. Also to clarify he is not mine. Trying to help out a friend :)
Where did you find/get it? Is it WC? Maybe it's an Aphonopelma species. And despite its size, it also looks like a mature male to me. Could you take a picture of its pedipalps?

It's extremely thin, but I'm almost certain it's a tarantula. Did you try to feed it? And there should be water in the water dish.
@Thekla again not mine. how thin the abdomen is is what makes it look so off to me and there is water in there when I visited. Could only get this picture. The little dude is eating regularly from what I've heard which adds to how weird it is.
Looks like it's either a Holothele longipes or Holothele sanguiniceps or something of that sort. Just taking guesses here... And it's either poorly fed or mature male.
@Morzilla I only saw your reply after I answered. ;) I thought it might have been WC, that's why I suggested Aphonopelma, but I think @Liquifin could be right, it does look like a Holothele sp.

But I would still say it's a mature male. Please, tell your friend to get pictures of its pedipalps. :)
@Arthroverts the little guy is unlabeled in a small mom and pop store. All of there other ts are correctly labled and decently cared for at this location.

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