sling avicularia enclosure

sling avicularia enclosure

@Ungoliant this is one the avicularia sling enclosures. First time avicularia sling owner. I hear about them passing all the time so I am little nervous.
They dont pass all the time, due to incorrect info people think they need high humidity, so they reduce ventilation and keep the enclosure moist, ultimately turning the enclosure into a death trap.
Other than a larger peice of wood extending to the top yours look good, dont know how big the slings are but so long as they have an area high up to live on, surrounded by clutter for anchor points and cover they should be good to go really.
People also suggest keeping the ground clutter free as it wont be used by the avic and only serves to hide prey
I added some thick sticks that go a bit higher. The slings are about .75”. Avicularia juruensis. I forgot what morph, 2 maybe. I pre kill food for all my slings until they are able to take down a small cricket. I never want to guess if they ate or not.

Thank you for the advice. :)
@Drea That looks pretty good, as long as she can't fit through any of the holes, and there is a little hunting platform in the form of a cork slab or large stick.

This is one of my sling enclosures:

My slings webbed the tops of their enclosures and spend most of their time in the top third of the enclosures.
I added some thick sticks that go almost to the top. They can’t get though the holes so I think they will good. The other enclosures that were in had much smaller holes and not as much ventilation. These seem to be better.

One of them started webbing right away. They should be good to go in these for a good while. :) thank you. :)

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