Sexy cockroach

Sexy cockroach

One of my newly matured fancy roaches, have a small colony with an unknown number of specimens. Started with one female which had at least 3 lots of babies resulting in a veritable shite load of the fancy wee beasts. If anyone else has experience with these it would be nice to compare notes.
That thing is too fancy to feed to anything. I think if you tried regardless the tarantula would not eat it but just admire it for hours
@Rodge Yeah, bassicaly, did You buy them, if so from where/who, do You know anybody else keeping them, and so on, I would appreciate any info on them. I only knew that such species exist and that they are one of best looking roaches, I had no idea anyone keep then in captivity.
I only have experience with their cousins Oxyhaloa deusta.
@Patherophis I'm the only person I'm aware of who has them, I've seen pictures of the species you mention but they aren't quite so delicious. They take a fairly long time to mature which is unfortunate considering how small they are.
@Rodge You are very lucky man. I wish You good luck with them. I hope they will become available in future (maybe thanks You? :)), as both roach experts and roach breeders would kill for them.
@Rodge What do their nymphs look like? Do they show something from adult colours, i.e. metallic pronotum or striped abdomen?
@Patherophis the nymphs are an orangey brown sort of colour, they don't look anything like the adults, they aren't really all that exciting to look at but once they grow up they become quite fancy.

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