Looks like an A. seemanni to me, not a Nhandu chromatus (if I decipher that common name correctly).

And if it's indeed an A. seemanni (I wait for more knowledgeable people to chime in), then that enclosure would be highly inappropriate. Way too little substrate and way too much height. Well, it wouldn't be good for a Nhandu chromatus either.
A. seemanni all day and a good looking one at that. Also needs about 5-6" of substrate and slightly moist.
Also any suggestions on how to make her more comfortable in her tank. I cant afford a new one so suggestions greatly appreciated thanks this is my first T so im still learning my girlfriend got her as a therapy animal for me to help with my fear of spiders. And she has helped me a lot. So i want to give her the best home i can afford. Also i have no clue what too much moisture is so if some one can give me a water to substrate ratio id love that.
Aphonopelma seemanni is the scientific name of you tarantula. The common name is Costa Rican stripped knee. You want to stay away from common names as they can be confusing and used for a lot of different species. For instance "stripped knee tarantula" There are different species of tarantulas that have "stripped knees" the scientific name eliminates this.

A. seemanni is an obligate burrower. This means that given the chance she will dig down and make a tunnel to live in. She will need you to add at least 5 to 6 inches of substrate. Coconut fiber works just fine. She like the substrate slightly moist. Do not make it wet. Just moist enough that if you grab a handful and squeeze no water drips out and the substrate will hold together fairly well. Please provide her a water dish also. Provide here with a nice hide that is open at the bottom and back side. This will allow her to use the hide and dig her tunnel under it. A. seemanni is fairly docile and a great T to own. I enjoy watching mine bulldoze the substrate and make her home. Very easy T to take care of. The are a good eater but will sometimes fast. Her is a pic of my girl (Dr. Web) the other pic is of my shelf and the third shelf down and the large enclosure on the far right is her home.
@Dman Could you please write "striped" and not "stripped", because I keep imagining a stripping tarantula showing off her naked knees. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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