Seqocrypta Jakara sling
The little Brisbane Brushfoots are all doing well and finally looking like trapdoors instead of brown blobs
Beautiful little creature!

Along with any Missulena and H. formidabalis, this particular species, although I'd be happy with any Barychelid, was on my list of five to Santa this year. I've been lucky enough to add H. cerberea and an Australothele sp. Dipluridae to my collection since writing my list.
@Dave1969 I got these off a YT channel, forgot the name but I'll look for it and you might be able to contact them. I swapped them some of these slings for 5 of my Arbanitis sp. Grafton Gold slings. Slow growing as heck though.

Australothele is an awesome genus, just paired my A.Nambucca (if your specimen has come from anywhere around the central coast to northern Rivers, it's likely Australothele Nambucca which are the largest known Dipluridae in Australia), female killed the male but I think that's just the way it goes with this species and I'm pretty sure the pairing was successful. No idea how long they take to lay but considering their slow growth I'd guess 4-6 months
@RezonantVoid, I believe my Australothele comes from SE Queensland. She may be A. Jamiesoni. She's a quick girl.

I know someone with a Cethegus sp. Curtain-web. They have had it for two years and it has made the best web that I have seen. It's a beautiful plump spider. One that I'd like.

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