Selenotypus Sp Goddess

Selenotypus Sp Goddess

Stressed or just resting posture?
@Oompoofishy my first ever T was Selenotypus "Platinum", a few years back. Unfortunately due to improper care instructions, I baked the substrate which then got overrun with mites. She was never happy and eventually died of stress. This was what she would do.
However, this substrate looks fine, 25-20cm is perfect and a hide has been provided. If she is eating alright then for now you shouldn't have anything to worry about, but for a fossorial species to be regularly doing this is unusual. I've tried multiple Selenotypus sp. of different ages with the Bunnings cocopeat bricks and for some reason they have never fancied them, so if that's the sub you're using then maybe a sub change might encourage her to start digging
@RezonantVoid Aww man:( That sounds really bad and I don’t want something like that to happen to her. She walks around during the night, I’ve used motion sensor cameras to see if she does. She’s eating, although lesser due to winter. I think I might really change the sub. I know awhile back then I just joined the hobby, you recommended this online source of peat right? Is there anything else more available in store that you would recommend?

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