Selenotypus sp exevale
Picked up this girl today locally on the Gold Coast. She is currently settling in to her new home in a quite dark spot.
Nice, my exevales can be a bit ferocious, I've actually just moved house from the gold coast.
I had a certain list of pet shops I would regularly trawl looking for T's I didn't have
yea lol whenever I get one I'll have a secure area just for it and my Kotzman. She's back to her hissy old self now and just as ferocious
@Rhino1 oh really! I can’t find any that stock Ts except pet super Center.. I got this one from Paul filewood. It seems pretty relaxed, prob a different story when I go feed it haha
Ah yeah also try pet shop across from the gold coast hospital, they seem to always get new stuff in fairly regularly a bit pricey imho but I still buy stuff from them lol. Got some sweet enclosures in there too

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