Selenotholus Sp Kotzman

Selenotholus Sp Kotzman

Am I experiencing another loss? This is the first sling I ever bought (together with the Strenuus that just moulted). It’s not moving at all even after I used a brush to gently tap around it. Is it dead? I’m devastated!! Kotzmans were the Ts that drew me into the hobby...
It's a bit confusing, normally slings don't have such high pressure in their legs when they die and just go limp. Maybe it was a molting complication? The enclosure looks a little damp for Kotzman but I don't think that has anything to do with this sad situation as slings can tolerate a bit more moisture. Really sorry to hear and hope you don't give up on this species!
@RezonantVoid I thought the legs up in the air like that looked especially strange. Thank you for being kind. The people on the facebook page weren’t as nice, ripping me apart for the size of the enclosure and that the substrate looks wet. I’m going to leave it alone and check back in the morning.
@Oompoofishy Ive heard many rumours about Facebook invert groups, don't let them get to you. If that ultra clear is too big then how the heck have all my slings grown up fine in setups that are like 2 or 3 times that size? It's convenient to have slings kept in tiny cups but not a 100% requirement.
Also, has it made a recovery from last night?

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